According to the Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, it has been predicted that the center of private banking will shift from Europe to Asia by 2017. This is evident in Switzerland’s losses to Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Iran has enormous potential in this field to boom in traditional banking as well as private and sophisticated wealth solutions. With nearly $16,000 GDP per capita (PPP), Iran has the largest economy in the Middle East and Central Asia regions after Saudi Arabia and Turkey. As the country converges to global standards, consumption patterns of Iranian households have changed significantly, resulting in a rapid growth in the country. Iran ranked as the fourth highest growing country in the Human Development Index in the upper middle income group. Further, a young, well-educated and vibrant labor force who have graduated from top universities in Iran and overseas is at the disposal of the country and ready to shift the economy.

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