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Third Europe- Iran Forum

Private Equity: Mergers and Acquisitions for New Growth

Walking the Tightrope

Financial Tribune Interview with Seyyed Ali Khosroshahi

Long caffeine fueled working hours, Armani suits, and fat bonuses. Investment banking is one of the more lucrative branches of financial services. In Iran, however, the business is just at its beginnings, meaning under current economic conditions, investment banks are struggling to survive.

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Tribune, Ali Khosroshahi, Amin Investment Bank’s Senior Asset Management & Investment analyst, gave a closer view of Iran’s investment banks.

With a bearish stock market hovering near 21-month lows, even investment banks, which are the best capitalized companies in the financial services industry, have been struggling to make a profit. They suffer from what Khosroshahi calls an “unsafe margin” for their business, a by-product of the high cost of money.

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