At Amin, our business culture of introducing modern finance solutions in a traditional investment atmosphere is the core of our success. We adhere to the principles that strengthen our corporate and personal values: collaboration and integrity; accountability; transparency; personal and professional integrity; and community empowerment.

Collaboration & Integrity

One of our core assets is the high level competence and professionalism of our people as well as our business network. We believe in a continuous knowledge-sharing and learning culture among our employees by establishing strong ties with academic and business influencers. We admire and empower the capabilities of our colleagues while working as a team at all levels of our business. Above all, we are growth-driven and aim to build long-standing partnerships in order to continue to deliver exceptional results.

Accountability & Transparency

Our reputation and integrity in providing consistent returns is based on our accountability and transparency in our business operations. We adhere to the utmost professionalism and ethical principles in our business relations and operations. We are committed to disclosing our financial records and expansion operations publicly. The success of our operations is a result of our presence in the financial market that has enabled us to appreciate how and why accountability and transparency matter.

Personal & Professional Integrity

At Amin, our team is encouraged to develop its business perspective and professional creativity. Though we align ourselves with the latest business trends in our sector we want our team to maintain a sense of personal creativity as well. To do so, our entire firm works as a whole to better serve clients who are active in various sectors and require a higher level of professionalism in both personal and corporate divisions.

Communities Empowerment

Amin is committed to the local community and strives to engage the people and community as it relates to finance. This varies from inviting Iranians overseas to contribute to finance research, participating in high-tech entrepreneurship conferences for the Iranian community, to participating in various finance related seminars locally and worldwide. Amin has played a role in significantly highlighting the role of this community in order to attract vibrant businesses to our region.

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