A. Khosroshahi

Senior Associate, Asset Management & Investment

BSc. Financial Management, Tehran University, 2009
MSc. Financial Management, Shahid Beheshti University, 2011
PhD. candidate, Financial Management, Tehran University

Tell us about your role and the network of professionals you interact with across Amin IB?

I work at Amin in two main areas: the first is in the field of Asset Management, including managing investment funds via collective investment schemes or private portfolio structures. The second field of my operation is in fixed income sukuk securities management. During my time at Amin, I have gained an in-depth view of Iranian Capital Markets because Amin’s learning environment encouraged me to develop my interests in specific fields of finance, like managing investment funds and because of its large business network connections.

How long have you been working at Amin IB and how would you say Amin has helped you develop your skills? How has Amin IB helped you grow in your career path?

I have been working at Amin bank for two years now. Before joining Amin, I worked as an Equity Analyst at Saba Tamin Brokerage Company. There, I was successful in having a deep understating of trading equities at the Tehran Stock Exchange and OTC market. I used my skill in applying the latest practical and academic methods to evaluate the financial statements of companies to publish a book on the subject. Using this prior knowledge here at Amin has helped me expand my experience in the field of asset and portfolio management. Here, I use the knowledge from my academic achievements to apply in practice to learn and explore how to use academic finance solutions to overcome obstacles in practice. I also work on how to measure the performance of an investment fund compared to the market average and how to protect our portfolio from short-term and temporary fluctuations.

If you were to recruit a candidate for your current role, what sort of skills and qualities should he/she possess?

The best way to answer this questions is to categorize the required skills into three parts:

  1. Knowledge: which may be obtained by studying Finance, Financial Management and other related fields like Economics, CFA, FRM or graduate certificate from Iran’s Securities Exchange Organization.
  2. Skills: which may be obtained by working in the fields of Portfolio Management, Marketing and Resource Management.
  3. Abilities: which may be grounded on building strong social relationship and networking with other business corporations and even competitors.