S. Shirmohammadi

Senior Equity Analyst, Corporate Finance

BSc. Accounting, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2006
MSc. Accounting, Shahid Beheshti University, 2010
DBA candidate, Tehran University

Tell us about your role and the network of professionals you interact with across Amin IB?

Currently, I am Senior Equity Analyst in the Corporate Finance Division. I work as part of a team that provides multiple finance solution services through debt securities (Sukuk, Participation Papers) or equity securities (Initial Public Offerings, Underwriting, Capital increase and the establishment of a company in the Tehran Stock Exchange or Farabouse.) I had the opportunity to work as part of a firm-wide team to serve more than 80% of the listed companies in multiple corporate finance advisory services. These opportunities have provided me with a broad view of the local Iranian Capital Market dynamics while allowing me to engage with clients who are industry leaders. I also work closely with the Legal and Accounts departments.

How long have you been working at Amin IB and how would you say Amin has helped you develop your skills? How has Amin IB helped you grow in your career path?

I have been at Amin IB for two years now. Prior to working at Amin, I worked at the Tehran Stock Exchange for three years. During that time, I realized that I wanted to work in a company that focused on the research and development of financial tools tailored to the requirements of Iranian companies. Since I have been at Amin, I have been fortunate enough to have participated in internal and external training seminars presented by leading international training companies, namely, IFSB workshops on Islamic Capital Markets and Pacra Analystics on Credit Risk (an in debt approach.) I developed a forward-looking understanding of Islamic Finance and the capacity of Islamic Finance from a global perspective. It was in Amin IB that I was encouraged to continue my studies in DBA at one of Iran’s top universities. Amin’s research culture, innovative and competitive spirit have always pushed me to overcome obstacles and develop my skills.

If you were to recruit a candidate for your current role, what sort of skills and qualities should he/she possess?

As Senior Equity Analyst, the candidate should have the ability to develop a deep understanding of the internal and external fundamentals of each client company in order to recommend which financial instrument is most appropriate and its justification. Also, since this position requires a high level of client interaction, it is necessary to predict the needs of the client in order to understand their concerns and negotiate on their behalf. Additionally, the candidate should have a good knowledge of English financial literature, accurate and micro based quantitative skills and a good knowledge of new financial instruments as well. Prior accounts experience of financial statements for publicly listed companies would also provide an advantage, as this is the core function of the group.