S. Shirmohammadi

Senior Financial Analyst, Valuation

BSc. Mathematics, Isfahan University of Technology, 2003
MSc. Financial Management, Al Zahra University, 2009

Tell us about your role and the network of professionals you interact with across Amin IB?

My current role at Amin is to analyze due diligence research and valuation analysis for different companies. I start with a macro view and narrow it down to a micro analysis of the fundamentals of each company in order to determine which companies at TSE or Farabourse have the highest potential for growth in the long run. Our research is backed by the latest economic and financial theories and data analysis. In my team, we analyze data from IMF, World Bank and BMI to understand the macroeconomic atmosphere and market trends of different industries. Another part of my job is to interact directly with clients and companies to discuss the detailed analysis of their financial statements and overall company performance.

How long have you been working at Amin IB and how would you say Amin has helped you develop your skills? How has Amin IB helped you grow in your career path?

I have been working for Amin for four years now and during this time, I have consistently applied the academic theories I learned while studying Financial Management. Since the management teams are open to applying these modern academic approaches into practice, I have been able to develop my own research and balance my academic knowledge with real life practice.

If you were to recruit a candidate for your current role, what sort of skills and qualities should he/she possess?

The candidate should have a strong knowledge in financial management as well as in-depth expertise and skills working with financial data in the Comprehensive Database of all Listed Companies (CODAL). Additionally, a background knowledge of important regional industries would be a plus. For example, global and regional knowledge of petrochemical, telecommunications and retail sectors in terms of how these industries can grow in the region and which global factors shall influence the trends of these industries can help the candidate quickly adapt with his/her new working environment. A good working knowledge in quantitative analysis, Excel, Eview, Stata and SPSS could also be great support tools for this position.