Round Table: Financial sector solutions for Europe – Iran trade and investment

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Round Table: Financial sector solutions for Europe – Iran trade and investment

Round Table

Amin Investment Bank participated in the Round Table “Financial sector solution for Europe – Iran trade and investment” in Palazzo Parigi, Milan on 13th of March. This event was going to build an exclusive, influential community of leaders for growing their enterprises, their countries, and their continents.

The European House – Ambrosetti, together with Bourse & Bazaar, organized a high-level round table to discuss investment opportunities in Iran also identifying viable and innovative solutions to support Italian companies interested in the country. The role of family offices, venture capitalists, wealth and asset management funds were a key issue of the meeting.

Akbar Mohammadlou, Amin’s managing director, was the keynote speaker at this event. Mohammadlou talked about the geopolitical outlook, business confidence, new master credit agreement, private equity investments in Iran, and the role of capital markets. Actually, he was discussing how Italian investors can get involved in Iranian capital markets, and how such investments can support Italian and EU business players.

Mohammadlou addresses the main advantages of such events and says: “Such events are trying to solve the big business challenges between Iran and Italia.” He continues “Amin thinks of a high level of international collaboration that makes benefits for Iran’s capital market.”

Other Speakers

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj (Founder, Bourse & Bazaar), Paolo Borzatta (Senior Partner, The European House – Ambrosetti), Ramin Hariri (Partner, Dentons), Akbar Mohammadlou (Managing Director, Amin Investment Bank), Nicola Pedde (Director, Institute of Global Studies), Omid Gholamifar (CEO, Serkland Group)

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