A Quick View

Amin works closely with local and international companies and investors to help unlock and capture the vast potential that exits within the Iranian market. Our investment and advisory activities support the development of Iranian companies, helping them to build enterprise and shareholder value, and also assist in the inflow of international capital into the Iranian economy. As a market leading advisor, Amin is at the forefront of helping companies and investors build on the country’s positive economic dynamics and growth and help them to realise the sizeable deal potential that exists in Iran today.


The strength of Amin’s services and expertise lies in the depth and diversity of the seasoned management team and investment banking professionals we employ and their unparalleled knowledge of the Iranian economy and companies across private and public markets. This is further supplemented by the strength and backing of Amin’s shareholders, which include a strategic and diversified group of Iran’s leading banks, pension funds and investment holding companies. Majority shareholders of Amin are the main pension funds of the country. Underscoring the importance of its relationship with its shareholders and the value Amin provides them, is the Bank’s position, since inception, as a gateway for its shareholders into Iran’s public and private equity markets

Unsurpassed Track Record for Advisory and Execution