Business Principles

At Amin, our business culture and delivery of modern financial solutions in deeply rooted in our adherence to core business principles that strengthen our corporate and personal values and underpin our success. These include an unwavering commitment to collaboration, accountability and transparency, personal and professional integrity, and industry advancement and empowerment.

Collaboration & Integrity

One of our core assets is the high level of competence and professionalism of our people and our business network. While we empower, recognize and reward the initiatives of individuals, we believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and the fostering of a collaborative culture. We encourage team work at all levels across our business and support engagement between our professionals, academics and business influencers. We believe that collaboration lies at the heart of what we do and is the key to delivering strong results and long-term success.

Accountability & Transparency

Our ability and track record for providing consistent returns is based on the high levels of accountability and transparency throughout the Bank. We are committed to robust disclosures of our business practices and financial and operational results ensuring that our shareholders, investors and clients can effectively monitor and evaluate our performance. We believe that only through accountability and transparency can we achieve and maximise full stakeholder alignment and value co-creation.

Personal & Professional Integrity

At Amin, we encourage and provide the tools to help ensure the personal and professional growth and development of our employees. We believe that skills development and enhanced levels of personal creativity lead to growth in integrity and satisfaction. They also underpin a deeper professional commitment and, ultimately, result in stronger performance and results for our clients, the Bank and team members themselves.

Communities Empowerment

Amin is committed to supporting industry advancement and development in order to drive growth in Iran’s capital markets and on a broader socio-economic level. We actively contribute to the origination of research, participation in international collaborations and support for local and global initiatives that showcase and drive business and investment into the Iranian economy. In this way, we best play our part in driving advancement, creating opportunity and, ultimately, empowering our local communities.