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Corporate Social Responsibility

Amin, in addition to its commitment to providing world class financial and asset management services, is dedicated to best practices in corporate social responsibility. We are an active supporter of initiatives across a number of areas including education, healthcare and child welfare in addition to crisis support. Our corporate responsibly activities extend from backing for charitable funds that help targeted groups as well as support for other worthy causes. Key among these is the Alzahra University Charity Fund, established and managed by Amin on behalf of Alzahra University, the proceeds of which go to support and maintain the University’s educational and learning facilities. Furthermore, Amin is an active donor and sponsor to multiple initiatives and projects that positively impact the overall standard of living and opportunities available to various underprivileged or vulnerable groups. Among Amin’s main social responsibility activities is our support for and partnerships with the following charitable organisations in Iran.


Regulated Exchanges: Dynamic Agents of Economic Growth

Translated by Dr. sanginian & Ms. Einali
Recommended by Dr. Hossein Abdeh Tabrizi

Corporate Restructuring - From Cause Analysis to Execution

Translated by Amin Investment Bank