Why Amin Investment Bank?

Focus on targeted industries

Solution Centers (Health & Energy)

Tailor-made End to End solutions

Solutions that meet the customer needs

Highly-qualified team of talents

A group of talents and professionals come together

Building innovation into corporate DNA

Innovative services to improve customer experience

Amin IB as a Business Solution Provider

Service Based

Shareholder value creation via stock value maximization is the final goal of a corporate. Managers financial, investment, and operational optimal decisions will lead to company stock value maximization for the shareholders. Decreasing the financing cost and restructuring of capital structure in order to resolving the liquidity and profitability challenges are the main factors of shareholder value creation.
Amin Investment Bank will help managers to draw the value creation map for their corporation. Achieving this target, we advise companies to reach the lowest financing cost of optimal capital structure through evaluation of their financial position and feasibility study of various financing options.
We’re a focal point for innovation with a simple, practical role: we connect startups to decision makers within Amin IB. In this way, we help Amin adopt emerging technology solutions that enhance, improve and reimagine the way we serve our clients.

Industry Based

AIB has the only specialized Center for energy solutions (CES) in the country. CES provides comprehensive end to end solutions for financial challenges in oil, gas, re¬fineries, petrochemicals and electricity sectors to meet customer’s needs. By bringing together the leading experts of financial services and energy industries along with digital talents and World First Level energy Consultants , Center for Energy Solutions established an intelligent platform which makes energy industry analysis more reliable. The tailored solutions based on valid and updated data, differentiate us from other Investment banks.
Todays, demographic changes, increasing social welfare and life expectancy, the spread of diseases caused by new lifestyle have increased demands for healthcare services. Also, given the ability of Iran health market development under uncertain regulatory environment, the market players need more knowledge and resources for their development and strive to pursue innovative solutions to address today's challenges.
Amin Center for Health Solutions (CHS), as the first financial center focused in healthcare in Iran, operating since 2017, is providing innovative and end to end solutions that enables companies and businesses to overcome barriers, become more competitive and make them agile and adaptable to attractive market opportunities.

Amin's Digital Transformation Journey

Amin's Commitment to the Future Business

Amin Investment Bank (AIB) as the first investment bank in Iran and the most innovative financial solution provider want to play a more influential, strategic role in guiding the business forward.

Amin's Approach to Tech

Investment banking is seeing its historical profit centers eroded by technology and regulations. Core processes are being automated or commoditized. From IPOs, to M&A, to research and trading, investment banks are getting smaller, leaner, and scrambling to keep up with innovations.
Based on this trend, Amin IB is embraced intelligent machines and automating commodity functions by developing:
   Intelligent Energy Assistant
   Intelligent Health Assistant
   Automation framework for corporate financing
   Private placement assistant
   Valuation assistant
   Data catalogue

Amin's Approach to Innovation

AIB is developing a holistic framework that is built on a cohesive innovation architecture and one that utilizes meaningful partnerships and incubation programs.
Innovation thrives on collaboration, and our partnerships with technology startups produce the best outcomes for our clients. AIB provides client access, industry expertise and a ready-made infrastructure. Startups bring technology insight, new angles and a flexible way of working. Combining the two is a powerful proposition for our clients

Amin's Approach to Talents

Our clients expect the best, and we aim to surpass their expectations, starting with the Quality of Our People.
Amin has built a sophisticated HR team;
Head hunting some multi-skilled talents (40% of current people) who are diversified in the fields of target industries, computer science and mathematics

Amin's Approach to Regulation

Increased regulatory scrutiny is one of the main IBs challenges. AIB’s approach as the first investment bank in Iran to this issue, is building collaborative ecosystems that help to reduce investment banks’ structural costs and enable enhanced regulatory compliance beside better service to customers.

Our clients

Amin Investment Bank’s Approach to Innovation

  1. Global fintech market research

    Phase 1

    The goal of Amin comprehensive survey is adopting the results of these reports with Iran fintech ecosystem in order to build a base for its innovation approach planning.

  2. Business Intelligence

    Phase 2

    Detecting Sectoral architecture in fintech industry and development of "Amin" Business Intelligence.

  3. Amin innovation

    Phase 3

    Determining the best architecture for Amin innovation approach (Establishing Amin Innovation Lab).

  4. Prioritizing fintech categories

    Phase 4

    Prioritizing fintech categories based on Iran marketplace opportunities. - Pairwise comparison of main categories’ criteria to determine their weights in decision making process - Scoring fintech main-categories based on the identified criteria - Pairwise comparison of sub categories’ criteria to determine their weights in decision making process - Scoring fintech sub-categories based on the identified criteria - Summarizing the result of four phases into the one priority list.


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